This neat device helps to renew your worn out wipers making sure your blades are ready for optimum performance. Over time your wiper blades deteriorate and this greatly impacts its performance ( Check GIF). Ecocut workings by removing this deteriorated end of the blade, restoring its wiping edge, thus clearer wipes every time.

It has two levels

  1. LEVEL 1 is for the initial renewal of your previously new wiper
  2. LEVEL 2 is for the second pass of your previously renewed wiper

This tool allows for two passes thus theoretically at least doubling your wiper lifespan. At $50 is it worth a try? If not you should get this durable silicone wiper

Now I’ve heard many different views on this product. Many say it is great some say don’t waste your time. But I will let you be the judge! Check it out

Check Amazon$50