The concept of a windshield wiper has not changed much in recent years. Mainly its frame has been changed.

Types of Wiper Frames


Generally speaking, it is all the same!! No innovation that genuinely benefits the consumer. Why? Simply the silicone wipers last too long. Suppliers can sell multiple traditional wipers during the period you are using the single silicone wiper, AKA, more profit!


PIAA Silicone Blades

PIAA Wipers  and a few other suppliers have used their brains and come up with a solid durable change to the typical wipers. Silicone Wipers! We all use silicone for baking, cooking, “enhancing” all sorts of things. What is the common feature of all these items, durability! These silicone wipers claim to last 2x longer than conventional wipers with rubber blades, it has excellent reviews 4.4 of out 5.

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