Weight is normally a sensitive topic, so let me give you a cool way to change turn the conversation about your scale and make then forget they were asking about your weight!! They will be asking,

“Where you got that scale?”

Blipcare Scale

Blipcare Scale

 The awesome Blipcare Wi-Fi Scale is what we are talking about.

**YES! They should have changed the name, now focus!

This All in One scale bad boy has everything you need to digitally track your progress. ( assuming its progress, giggles)With built in Wi-fi you can track weight, BMI and balance for up to 10 users. You can set reminders, goals and analyze your progress using your cell or your home computer. 

The argument against Bluetooth scales, like the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Scale, is they require more initial connectivity setup to get your readings and track your results. Wi-fi scales simply require you to stand on it and its data is automatically sent over wifi to a web interface or whatever, but it doesn’t require set up every time.

What do you think, Which would you prefer Bluetooth Scales or Wi-fi Scales?

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