This Echo line up from Amazon has really been hitting homes worldwide. Jeff knows what he is doing.

Welcome the Echo Show!

Intro to Echo Show

This new addition the Echo Show adds a 7-inch display to the already effective echo products. With this display, you are given visual confirmation of your every command. Ask Alexa to Look at the front door camera, call an Uber or have a family meeting, it’s all displayed on the screen. Additionally, the Echo show has a front facing camera, making family meeting time even more convenient.


This little device has all the features of its little brother and sister and proves to be a great contender in the smart home controller arena.  With a 3.7 of 5 rating, I assume many expected more from the high-end device. Still, the Echo Show is a firm addition to the Echo Lineup  or would you prefer the Knocki?

Check Amazon$229.99