So you’ve met the photography accessory QuickRelease One , the mini awesomeness every photographer wants. Well meet the Edelkrone Flex Tilt Head 2, you will probably be adding this to your photographer accessory awesomeness list. This compact devices allows for efficient, smooth but secure movement of your camera without the need to tighten or loosen anything.

It extends the view range of any tripod allowing for perfectly vertical shots with no effort. When combined with the Foldio 3 you will probably be unstoppable. The Flex Tilt Head 2 is built from solid aluminium, this may result in it being a little heavy, resulting in a durable quality device. The Edelkrone Flex Tilt accessory can be use with or without a tripod. This is a must have in your photo accessory arsenal.

Lol doesn’t it look like the camera is walking?