Go ahead google mini projector, you may find PCmag or Toptenreviews. Yea they may have some good stuff, but has it received 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon!! Oh, by the way, is it a true Pico Led Projector?

What is a Pico Projector

Pico = Pocket / Small/ Handheld /Mobile or Portable

A Pico Projector or mini projector is intended for mobility and convenience. They are designed to work with everyday devices, Cameras, Phones, Tablets or even a memory card. They come in many shapes and even sizes but all pico projectors are intentionally smaller than regular projectors. Pico projectors often utilize Led technology due to its long life and cool running ability.

So there you have it, did I mention this AEHR mini projector has Bluetooth? Yip, connect to all your favorite Bluetooth speaker or players, like this Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker. Very handy for the on the go presentations or a weekend movie. With HDMI, USB, Audio Cable,  an Internal Speaker and WIFI.

With HDMI, USB, Audio Cable,  an Internal Speaker and WIFI. Yes, a WIFI Pico Projector! Nice….AEHR is one quality device, for all your projecting needs. It’s able to connect with IOS, Android, Mac, whatever the device, be prepared to be entertained.

Check it on Amazon$268