If you are looking for a true outdoor wireless Bluetooth speaker you are in the right place. APIE has created a magnificent rugged ready for action outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This bad boy is packed with Two (2) – Five (5)Watt speakers, available for your musical enjoyment or pick up an incoming call anywhere thanks to the built in mic, similar to the TOKK Bluetooth Speaker Phone.

APIE Bluetooth outdoor speaker’s high capacity 2200mAh battery assures you up to 10 hours of playtime for all those backyard or camping parties. This speaker provides full range output with powerful, crisp, rich bass music wherever you go, including the shower and beaches. It is everything you need in a wireless outdoor speaker with superior sound and quality. If you prefer private convos check out the ONEXELOT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Check it on Amazon$39.99