I must admit the Axidraw drawing machine got me really excited! You should probably watch the video, I’m sure after you would understand why. This precision drawing machine allows for:

  • Formal invitations
  • Place cards for formal dining
  • Signing diplomas and other certificates
  • Addressing envelopes and boxes
  • “Hand-written” wine lists and menus at restaurants
  • Decorating lunch bags
  • Computer generated artwork
  • Technical drawing
  • Thank you notes and cards
  • Writing signatures
  • Etc. 

Ballpoint pen, marker, calligraphy pen, pencil, chalk, charcoal, brushes, I think you get the point, there no instrument limit if it can hold it, it can draw with it. The Axidraw doesn’t look unusually fancy or expensive, It’s simply a well made, well thought out drawing tool, that everyone wants to get there hands on, I definitely can think of many things I would use this for. It’s able to pen, designs, calligraphy, pictures, you design it on a computer, it can perfectly replicate it on paper. The Axidraw price is very reasonable for sheer awesomeness and diverse ability. 


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