I know you have stuff to hide! We all do! What better place to hide them than your personal Verifi smart biometric safe.  This obvious all metal design features an F.B.I. approved biometric fingerprint reader created by Zvetco Biometrics. Zvetco has been producing biometric locks for the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. Of Defense, etc, for over 15 years, establishing a set standard for security.

You can now have this same standard at your home or at the office. This Smart Biometric Safe also features a number of settings and alerts for attempted tampering. It’s night light and auto locking feature is also very handy. Amazingly this smart safe also performs regular diagnostics checks on its system and functions, it lets you know as soon as something goes wrong. For added simple smart security, you can also check out the master bluetooth padlock.

Check it on Amazon$300